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27 Dec 2018

Design Patterns

  1. React Patters


  1. How To Scale React Applications
  2. Avoiding Accidental Complexity When Structuring Your App State
  3. Elegant Form Validation Using React
  4. The Provider and Higher-Order Component patterns with React
  5. The Inner Workings Of Virtual DOM
  6. Two Quick Ways To Reduce React App’s Size In Production
  7. Sharing Code between React Web and Native Apps
  8. Tips to learn React + Redux in 2017
  9. Thinking in React


  1. React Refetch A simple, declarative, and composable way to fetch data for React components.
  2. React Helmet This reusable React component will manage all of your changes to the document head with support for document title, meta, link, script, and base tags.
  3. React Router V4 includes new awesome features
  4. seamless-immutable
  5. redux-thunk
  6. react-redux
  7. nwb Create React apps, components, libraries and other npm modules for use on the web with no configuration (until you need it)
  8. Next.js A small framework for server-rendered universal JavaScript webapps, built on top of React, Webpack and Babel
  9. React BlueKit BlueKit automatically generates a library from your React components with editable props and live preview.
  10. Rebass 57 Configurable React Stateless Functional UI Components
  11. jest-codemods Codemods for migrating test files to Jest
  12. React Sortable (HOC) A set of higher-order components to turn any list into an animated, touch-friendly, sortable list.
  13. Reflexbox Responsive React flexbox grid system higher order component


  1. Redux Step by Step: A Simple and Robust Workflow for Real Life Apps
  2. Redux Real World Example
  3. Redux TodoMVC Example
  4. Redux Course Notes
  5. React/Redux Links Curated tutorial and resource links
  6. A Better File Structure For React/Redux Applications
  7. Community Resources
  8. React/Redux Blog
  9. Redux Ecosystem Links
  10. Rules For Structuring (Redux) Applications
  11. A Practical Guide to Redux Great Article
  12. Awesome Redux
  13. Practical Redux, Part 3: Project Planning and Setup

Redux Saga

  1. Using Saga Helpers (Added at 2018-07-07)

Boilerplate / Samples

  1. real-life example of a React project with focus on dataflow management
  2. Este Starter kit for universal full–fledged React apps. One stack for browser, mobile, server.
  3. Find your perfect React starter project
  4. React Boilerplate
  5. Create React App
  6. React Slingshot!


  1. React UI Components
  2. Guppy (Added at 2018-12-27) A friendly application manager and task runner for React.js


  1. React FAQ

Components Catalogs

  1. React Components Catalog As the name suggests react components catalog
  2. JS Coach This is an opinionated catalog of open source JS packages.


  1. Ant Design of React
  1. Running Yarn offline


  1. Flow runtime


  1. Hacking with React
  2. React in patterns (Added at 2018-07-07)


  1. Faster React SSR With Rapscallion


  1. useHooks Added at 2018-12-27) One new React Hook recipe every day

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