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25 Feb 2017

Functional Js Tutorials

  1. Functional Programming in Javascript

Functional JS Packages

  1. The Reactive Extensions for JavaScript (RxJS)

Functional Free Ebooks

  1. Most Adequate Guide in Functional Javascript


  1. Overview of JavaScript ES6 features (a.k.a ECMAScript 6 and ES2015+)
  2. ECMAScript 6 modules: the final syntax
  3. Use destructuring in function parameters


  1. Tips for using async functions (ES2017)


  1. JavaScript Testing: Unit vs Functional vs Integration Tests

ES6 Free Ebooks

  1. Exploring ES6
  2. Practical ES6

ES6 Guide

  1. JavaScript Stack from Scratch

Style Guide

  1. Airbnb JavaScript Style Guide() {
  2. JavaScript Standard Style Guide


  1. babel-preset-env


  1. The Fundamentals of Flow in 10-ish Minutes


  1. splittable Module Bundler
  2. VerbalExpressions JavaScript Regular Expressions made easy
  3. date-fns Modern JavaScript date utility library

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